Media Coverage

UPDATE 2012.09.04

In half a year, the media has published a lot about Mont Blanc Pictures since the our operation started!



Such as the Japanese economy New West newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo, Kumamoto daily newspapers, Yomiuri Shimbun, Chunichi Sports, Niigata, Chunichi Shimbun daily newspaper Saga ...



Such as Alarm Branch pollack wide sense today TV Momochi beach store TV king!  ...



Such as Yahoo News, Shinematoudei!, Anime! Anime! ,- Anime News Singapore, Amoeba news, Shiatabyu Tenjin site, · Yahoo movies, Sankei News · goo movies, anime style ...



Such as from a 23 Fukuoka Municipal August 9 month number · BARFOUT! 9 month number, original confidence 8/27 Fukuoka Walker September · CM communication AFRO AUGUST · EYESCEAM 8 month issue · CG WORLD entry · CG WORLD · · ·


And many others!

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