Animation class at an elementary school

UPDATE 2013.02.14

We held an animation class on February 6 at the Saitozaki elementary school, located in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka! Takekiyo and five staff took 57 sixth-grade elementary school students and held a workshop and lecture. In the classroom they explained how 2D and 3D animation works.


During the workshop, the students got to experience pixilation production. They created the pixilation on the theme of "physical education" and everyone was asked to wear gym clothes.



After shooting, Mont Blanc staff worked on super-express editing...



The completed pixilation was screened, and everyone was happy!

The two hours went by fast, but our staff were able to learn a lot and had a good time!



And we received letters for the students who participated in the class one week later! ! ! Our staff were deeply moved! ! One by one, the students carefully wrote feedback and encouragement for us 


Thank you very much. We want to go back to elementary school again!

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