Director Murakami was on stage at "kakezan vol.1"!

UPDATE 2013.06.19

June 15, 2013 at the " Cafe Galleria , Hiroshi Murakami was on stage as a special guest!

kakezan_0000_レイヤー 8.jpeg

kakezan_0006_レイヤー 2.jpeg

Kakezan, is a community of creators aimed at activation of the creativity of Japan as a whole and to seek a new environment and values.
The venue was packed with some attendants even needing to stand out side the room!
There was a lively exchange of views made by creators in web, music, and video and a variety of artists, discussions on philosophy and production and thinking process, and a lot of laughter.

kakezan_0005_レイヤー 3.jpeg


There was also an after-party after the event, where Murakami was surrounded by interested participants! It became a great success while also stimulating a great amount of creativity.
To all the organizers and everyone who attended, thank you for the opportunity! ! !

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