An animation lesson at the Chihaya Elementary School!

UPDATE 2013.07.01

In the Wai Wai square of Chihaya elementary school, came a lesson in animation! ! !


This time with a wide range of ages from 1-5 grade, and including some parents and pre-school students, was attended by more than 30 people!

After a quick introduction of Mont Blanc and our movie "After-School Midnighters", the workshop in pixilation began! ! !

The children were divided into three groups~
The lower ages learned pixilation of while playing freely,


the middle age groups tried pixilation using props such as a blackboard and vaulting horse,


and the older students, worked on ideas to make their own pixilations!


We had a lot of fun! And received a lot of energy working with the children! ! ! Finally, we edited the footage, and screened them with music, THE END!!!

As a surprise, we gave them stickers from "After-School Midnighters" and they were very happy to receive them.

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