To be screened at the Fantasia Film Festival held in Montreal, Canada! ! !

UPDATE 2013.07.17

To soon be seen by North America, "After School Midnighters"!

The "Fantasia Film Festival" held in Montreal, Canada from the 18th of July to the 6th of August, has decided to screen "After School Midnighters"! ! ! Screening is 27 July (Sat) -12:00.

If anyone is close, please go to see by all means.


The Fantasia Film Festival is the International Film Festival held in Montreal, Canada.

It started in 1996, and is held for three weeks in July every year. As the film festival of genre film, the Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films, horror movies and adventure movies gathered from all over the world and screened, are considered most important in North America. Each year 100,000 movie fans for around the world gather to enjoy the film screenings, movie and cultural events held by the festival.

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