"Special Mention Award" at the Fantasia Film Festival in Canada

UPDATE 2013.08.13

Our movie "After School Midnighters" was awarded a "Special Mention Award" at the Fantasia Film Festival that was held in Montreal, Canada! ! !

Public since last summer, "After School Midnighters" has been screened at many film festivals, but winning the first time is memorable! With that said, Takekiyo also announced a comment.

"I want this movie to be enjoyed by people from all over the world, and am delighted that this movie that I made was so well received in North America. Each of our staff squeezed all their creativity into the challenge of making this unconventional film. I think I share this joy with the whole team that was involved in this movie, and I want to challenge us to further heights from here on. "

Very soon we be the one year anniversary of the release of the film, and after receiving this award, it brings new meaning to our celebration! This is of course thanks to the constant support that we has received from everyone.

We are all working hard that you will be able to enjoy our next work! We continue to thank you for the support! ! !

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