Free to see all the "After School Midnighters -short film-" via You Tube

UPDATE 2013.11.01

As anniversary of After School Midnighers released in France, we opened all the 12 stories of "After School Midnighters -short film-" through You Tube! It's great chance to see these films with no money!!! Usually, these were bonus films in Blu-ray of the feature film "After School Midnighters".

This short film was made as an advertisement at movie theater for the feature film "After School Midnighers". There are 12 stories of the main characters Qyun, and Goss 's daily life at midnight school.


Master Sword  Haunted House    Arrow   Rocket 1  
Rocket 2  Konjo   Photo Shoot  Spider  
Dance 1  Dance 2   Guruguru Bat  Radio gymnastics 

Really must see it !!!!!
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