Mont Blanc Pictures exhibited in "Cool Japan: Fukuoka in Hanoi"

UPDATE 2014.01.22

As a digital content company from Fukuoka, Mont Blanc Pictures exhibited in "Cool Japan: Fukuoka in Hanoi", held at the Vietnam National History Museum in Hanoi.

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As it turns out, 'cosplay' and Japanese anime are currently very popular among the young people of Vietnam!!
The event was aimed towards young Vietnamese, introducing some of the anime, manga, game content, and fashion currently coming out of Fukuoka.

In addition to the short films from the movie "After School Midnighters", Mont Blanc exhibited a life-sized faceless cut-out of the of the lovable duo Kyunstrakes and Goth!

IMG_1406 のコピー.jpg

Mont Blanc's Yuka Matsushita was also on stage for the talk show during the opening event!
We received a lot of positive comments on the appeal of "After School Midnighters"!

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The movie also received a lot of laughs from the Vietnamese crowd!
The short movies and faceless cut-out will be exhibited at the Vietnam National Museum until March 9th.

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So if your are near, by all means go down and see the life-sized Kyun and Goth, who are helping make Vietnam a little more weird!

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