Director Takekiyo and Producer Hirata go to Italy!!

UPDATE 2014.03.17

Director Takekiyo and producer Hirata flew to Italy for the release of "After School Midnighters" in Italian theatres.

Released in over 250 theatres across the country, it has become the largest release of Japanese Anime in Italy!! Meaning that all over town posters of the movie could be found!



The Italian title for the movie is "LA SCUOLA PIU' PAZZA DEL MONDO", which roughly means 'The Craziest School in the World".

Characters Ma Mi and Mu are also the main feature in the Italian posters!


The release in Italy was covered by the Japanese media as well!

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"After School Midnighters": The greatest release of Japanese Anime in Italy with over 250 theatres"
"After School Midnighters" Great release in Italy: 250 theatres"
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"After School Midnighters" Greatest release in 250 Cinemas, the hit anime moves up"
"Sir Kyun hits 250 theatres: "After School Midnighters""

Our director and producer stopped to see Mont Blanc again on the way back, to refresh and get inspired to push Mont Blanc Pictures to new heights!

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