Special lecture by animators Takeno and Guy at Trident College!

UPDATE 2014.08.04

Trident College is a CG trade school  for film and games in Nagoya.
In response to a request from a student who is a big fan of our movie "After School Midnighters" ,
 two of our animators, Takeno and Guy, conducted a lecture for the students at Trident College.


-The untold production story of "After School Midnighters"
-What it means to work as an animator
-Some of the differences between the animation production in Japan and overseas.
Were some of the topics they covered in the lecture, enriched with their personal experience in the field. 


The focused questions from the students were also met with passionate responses.


We are happy to have been able to carry out a meaningful dialogue together with fresh and ambitious students.  
To everyone at Trident College, thank you so much!


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