We held pixilation workshops for elementary school students during the Summer holidays!

UPDATE 2014.09.01

Following the last year, we held pixilation workshops for elementarykids! !

Despite the usual August rain, it was a bright and sunny day.
Great weather for pixilation! !

More than 20 students gathered in both Tsukinoura and Ohno Elementary
Schools in Onojo as members of the Kitosu Club.


As soon as weentered the gymnasiumwe were greeted with a
"What are we going to do today?!" from the excited children.

Through a fun lesson teacher Kacho answered
"What is pixilation? And what is Mont Blanc Pictures?"
and got everyone excited to shoot their own pixilation.

Pixilation= Stop motion animation using the human body.


The children were also able to grasp the concept easily after trying a couple shots.

The children would then start saying things like "Teacher! Is this ok?
What would happen if I dothis?"
as unique ideas started to rapidly emerge from them.


Starting from zero, they learned through moving their bodies, and werethen able to apply it themselves,
and the MontBlanc staff were also impressed with the infinite possiblities displayed by them.



Then at the end we watched all their pixilation work edited together.


As we were leaving we received encouraging words, "I want to do it
again!" "Please come again next year!", from the children, making it a
great end to a good day for the MontBlanc staff as well.

Thank you to the Kitosu club in Tsukinoura and Ohno Elementary! !

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