"OTODAMA by Vibracion Cajon" was awarded the "Special Jury Award"at "The Creators"

UPDATE 2014.10.14

"OTODAMA by Vibracion Cajon", a motion graphic performance created by MontBlanc Pictures was awarded the "Special Jury Award" last week at an event called "The Creators" organized by Creative Lab Fukuoka! Yeah!!!


MontBlanc's Interactive team, Yoshida and Inokuchi, together with Junichi Kanebako, manufacturer of Vibracion Cajon (box drums), put on an amazing show, featuring a live performance from Kiyonori Higuchi of Office Higuchi, which even involved the participation of the massive audience! All in all, it was a great success!
That said, as Yoshida mentioned during the awards speech, we were really hoping for the grand prize...oh well.
MontBlanc's Interactive team won't stop here though, so you can be sure to expect greater achievements to come!!



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