Yes!! Yes, yes!!! "4DOH After School Midnighters: Kyun & Goth's Funny Magic Show!" is finally ready!!★

UPDATE 2014.10.26

This time Kyun and Goth will be doing something super ~ a full-fledged magic show including a magic wand, card tricks, levitating, a sword box and much more!!!
Made in the humorous style of our short movies but in the form of an
And it will be reaching the public November 1st! ! ... Where you ask! ?
For now, the Outlet Mall Rera in Chitose (Hokkaido), and the Shonofue tavern in Onojo (Fukuoka Prefecture) ! !
Our plans are to increase the venues in the future so that you can
experience it all over the country!
With that said, for the time being,
by all means either venture north or south, to Hokkaido or Fukuoka,
and see the show!


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