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"This time, I'll be the bad guy!"
Although Kunstilijk and Goth were cleaned by the magic of the three golden medals, after school starts, the scribbling on them by the three girls "Ma, Mi & Mu" gets worse and worse. Though they now look terrible, Kunstilijk and Goth usually don`t mind that much, and they get along quite well.
At the same time, the students have dropped to such a number that the school now has to merge with a neighboring school. The children are very happy about this as they have many new friends, but it' s not that simple for the midnighters....

Production for a World Audience!
With experience from the previous film we are able to reach a wider audience by partnering with T-Joy and utilizing their distribution network to achieve rapid release within the domestic market, at the same time producing localized versions (dubbing etc.) for international markets.

The possibilities for deployment in other areas are also dramatically increased when the English version is available on release. Without special regard for the release in Japan we will focus on the optimum areas releasing the film.
*Previous Film Released in: Japan, Taiwan, Hon Kong, Singapore, South Korea, France, Italy *Next Film to be Prepared in: Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean, French, Italian

Adventure Comedy / Feature Film / 95min / Sequel Movie

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