Currently released in Japan,France,Italy,Taiwan,Hong Kong,Singapole,Korea
Looking for Bussiness Partneres in other territories.

The main character 'Kunstilijk' is a naked anatomic model that stands in a science room of an elementary school. Kunstilijk also reigns over the school after midnight with his partner Goth, a skeletal specimen created by him. One day, when three naughty kindergarteners accidentally meets him, his ordinary life changes. The scariest and craziest after midnight adventure begins...
"After school midnighters" is an attraction movie directed by the genius filmmaker Hitoshi Takekiyo. A number of oversea film buyers give high praise to this movie for its originality after watching the pilot version (a film of short duration serving as a guide to a projected series). It is also the first time to decide releasing this movie in 5 countries at the same time. Not only Japan, the whole world will unprecedentedly ride on a joyful party!

icon_crown.pngMontreal Fantastic Film Festival 2013 -CANADA-
   [Special Mention Award]
icon_crown.pngAnnecy International Film Festival 2013 -FRANCE-
   [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngEtrange Film Festival 2012 -FRANCE- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngRaindance Film Festival 2012 -UK- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngSitges Film Festival 2012 -SPAIN- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngScotland Loves Anime 2012 -UK- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngBlack Night Film Festival 2012 -ESTONIA- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngKINOTAYO Film Festival 2012 -FRANCE- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngAnifest 2013 -CZECH- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngFantoche 2013 -SWISS- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngCamera Japan Festival 2013 -NETHERLANDS- [Official Program]
icon_crown.pngAnim'est 2013 -ROMANIA- [Official Program]

CG Animated Comedy Adventure Feature Film
Released from Aug 2012 /95mins / Directed by Hitoshi Takekiyo


(C) After School Midnighters Partnership

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