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Two main characters, "Johnny", the fluffy galactic police officer and "Nana", a shy girl who loves costumes and cute things, two opposite minded characters, growing through the many experiences and learning about themselves as they meet many strange characters in many strange worlds.

Stardust Park, a space-themed amusement park.
With space themed rides and attractions, this amusement park is under the theme that it is "run by aliens", meaning all the staff from shop clerks to cleaners wear alien costumes as they work. However, the decline in customers over the years means that the park is in danger of closing now.
The park owner's only daughter, Nana, is a girl who much prefers amusement and cute things to the reality of life. Being very shy, she feels like she can only be her true self when she is in her alien costume.
But the theme park she loves so dearly, has through the cover of the "run by aliens" theme, slowly grown into the base of a real-life alien invasion on Earth headed by the infamous "Edward" , who rather than his fluffy and cuddly looks would suggest, is actually a heinous criminal alien.
In comes the hero of the story, "Johnny" , who despite his cute and fluffy appearance is actually a wild and rough galactic police officer who will stop at no ends to complete his mission. In the heat of his chase, Johnny drags Nana into the case, and together they head out in search of the elusive Edward and to foil his devious plans!
Are they able to grab those suspiciously smiling fluffy enemies and save their world from their invasion?

Adventure Action Comedy / TV Series / 22mins / 26episodes

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